Best Picture Nominee Comes to DVD

Philomena DVD Review by Kam Williams   Best Picture Nominee Comes to DVD   Philomena Lee (Dame Judi Dench) made a big mistake as a teenager, namely, having unprotected sex with a cute boy (D.J. McGrath) she had just met at a carnival. The naive girl was left pregnant by the one-night stand, which was no minor matter in Ireland in 1952. Before she had a chance to disgrace her family by showing signs of bearing an illegitimate child, she was shipped off to a … [Read More its Good for You...]


Movies opening April 18, 2014

OPENING THIS WEEK Kam's Kapsules: Weekly Previews That Make Choosing a Film Fun by Kam Williams For movies opening April 18, 2014     BIG BUDGET FILMS   Bears (G) John C. Reilly narrates this nature documentary, set in the Alaska wilderness, chronicling a year in the life of a family of brown bears with a couple of young cubs just learning how to survive the elements, including avalanches, predators and the bitter cold.   A Haunted … [Read More its Good for You...]


Gettysburg Revisited

Ken Burns “The Address” Interview with Kam Williams   Gettysburg Revisited     Ken Burns has been making documentary films for more than 30 years. Since the Academy Award-nominated BROOKLYN BRIDGE in 1981, he has gone on to direct and produce some of the most acclaimed historical documentaries ever made.   Burns was the director, producer, co-writer, chief cinematographer, music director and executive producer of the landmark television series THE … [Read More its Good for You...]

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Things I Should Have Told My Daughter: Lies, Lessons and Love Affairs

Things I Should Have Told My Daughter: Lies, Lessons and Love Affairs by Pearl Cleage Atria Books Hardcover, $23.99 320 pages ISBN: 978-1-4516-6469-0   Book Review by Kam Williams   “In addition to being one of the most popular living playwrights in America, Pearl Cleage is a best-selling author with an Oprah Book Club pick and multiple awards to her credit… In this deeply personal work, Cleage takes readers back to the1970s and ‘80s, retracing … [Read More its Good for You...]


Carol O’Connell’s, It Happens in the Dark, is a Suspenseful ‘A’

Carol O’Connell’s, It Happens in the Dark, is a Suspenseful ‘A’ ~ review by Amy Lignor It is opening night of the play, ‘Brass Bed’, by Peter Beck, and for one audience member sitting in the front row it is also the night they are murdered. This play, based on a true story of a Nebraska family murdered in their home is not only a creepy tale, but also becomes a deadly play to watch. On the second night of the play, while in progress, Peter Beck has his own throat slashed, becoming … [Read More its Good for You...]


Laurie R. King Offers Nightmarish Elements with The Bones of Paris

Author Laurie R. King Offers Nightmarish Elements with The Bones of Paris  ~review by Amy Lignor When it comes to the spectrum of human emotions this author has done an A+ job of presenting every single one. From the cruelest and darkest to the most stunning and decadent, King has written a frightening tale. (Yet another ‘King’ who can scare readers to death).   Harris Stuyvesant is a private investigator who seems to have landed a sweet job. He literally has to walk … [Read More its Good for You...]

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The Lion

  Ever consider sticking your head inside a ferocious lion’s mouth?   Under normal circumstances, probably not one of your top priorities, but remember seeing the circus lions for the first time?  Eyes wide with astonishment as the tamer opened the mouth of the King and gallantly stuck his head in, then safely back out happily bowing at the crowd… “TA-DA”! Amazing exotic animal performances, hilarious clown-age, flying trapeze artists, kids everywhere wanted to join the … [Read More its Good for You...]


Out of the Box

  Out of the Box Well, looks like Jack finally did it!  After all those years of being of being stuffed back into the box, he found escape. Good ‘ol Jack in the Box, have you ever wondered who the sicko was that invented such a bizarre toy to scare the crap out of children?  Clowns and gags go together, but this goes way beyond funny. You can’t tell me that you did not get the day lights scared out of you the first time that Jack “Popped” out of the box!  Even worse is … [Read More its Good for You...]


From the Runway to the Red Carpet!

  Rebecca Da Costa “The Bag Man” Interview with Kam Williams From the Runway to the Red Carpet! Born in Recife, Brazil, supermodel-turned-actress Rebecca Da Costa studied at the Rui Barbosa School where she pursued her love of theater by writing, directing and starring in a number of plays. At the age of 14, Rebecca was discovered during a model search, and she debuted at Milan Fashion Week a couple of years later en route to gracing runways all over the world for … [Read More its Good for You...]

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Konovalenko: Gem Carvings of Russian Folk Life, On View at Denver Museum of Nature and Science

  Location: Level 3        Tickets: Included with Museum admission Vasily Konovalenko (koh-noh-vuh-len-koh) was born in 1929 in Petrivka, Ukraine (just north of the Black Sea). After earning a degree in art and architecture, he became a stage designer for the Donetsk Opera and Ballet Theatre. He worked on productions of Swan Lake, Romeo and Juliet, and other classic operas and ballets.  In 1957, while working at the Mariinka Theatre in St. Petersburg, Konovalenko produced … [Read More its Good for You...]


Seen in Passing: Photographs by Chuck Forsman, Denver Art Museum, May 25

  November 17, 2013 – May 25, 2014 North Building - Level 7 — Included in general admission. “Some people think they have to go to exotic places or the far ends of the earth to find excitement. I’ve always liked the idea of finding interest at home; just walking around the block can be an experience.” – Chuck Forsman Colorado artist and photographer Chuck Forsman brings three paintings and more than 50 black and white photographs from two bodies of work, Western … [Read More its Good for You...]


Broncho Buster, On View at Seattle Art Museum, Through June 15

  March 12 – June 15, 2014 Seattle Art Museum Third Floor Galleries Broncho Buster is one of the most recognizable symbols of the American West. Frederic Remington’s early adventures in the far west introduced him to the Mexican vaqueros and made him an admirer of their derring-do, as they fought to tame wild horses, the bronchos. Though the western cowboy is viewed as a distinctly American figure, Remington knew that it was the cowboy’s Mexican forebears generations … [Read More its Good for You...]

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